Collaboration & Scheduling


If you are interested in assessing human metabolism, or just using the chambers as a lab space to conduct human subject studies concerning other physiological variables, don’t hesitate to drop us an email or drop by. Here is a list of physiological parameters we can measure at the lab. We are open to ideas and happy to discuss experimental design with you.

As human metabolism is a complex process and varies a lot from individual to individual, energy expenditure measured by the chambers¬†can be confounded by lots of variables. If you are thinking about small pilot studies, we recommend a¬†cross-over study design with “intervention” factors in place. We are happy to work with you in order to find out a suitable study design for your specific research questions.



All booking must go through the Clinical Research Service Unit (CRSU) at VCU. Email for details. Availability of the two chambers can be found in the calendar below.