Category: Matlab Tricks

Matlab Figure Plot Font Size Permanent Change

Tired of changing font size of titles and labels after plotting the figure in order to get intelligible characters in smaller scale? Matlab’s recommended solution is to get the figure handle by calling h = xlabel(‘blah’); set(h,’FontSize’,10); h = ylabel(‘blah’);set(h,’FontSize’,10); h = title(‘blah’);set(h,’FontSize’,10); However, I found invariably I had to change the font size since […]

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Data cursor precision in matlab

Tired of changing the data cursor display precision? You could change it permanently if you have a copy of Matlab on your local machine (i.e. it’s not a server version Matlab). Locate file:¬†default_getDatatipText.m in the directory: \toolbox\matlab\graphics\@graphics\@datacursor change the line defining number of display digits to higher: DEFAULT_DIGITS = N;¬† % Display N digits of […]

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