At the metabolic chambers, we can assess the a range of physiological parameters, including but not limited to:

  • Continuous Energy Expenditure (minute-by-minute metabolic rates)
    • Resting Energy Expenditure
    • Sleeping Energy Expenditure
    • Exercise Energy Expenditure
    • Intervention-induced Energy Expenditure (e.g. diet, drug, temperature, humidity)


  • Metabolic Flexibility
    • Respiratory Exchange Ratio (Respiratory Quotient)
  • Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)


  • Quantitative Movement & Activity Analysis
    • 9 Degree of Freedom Motion Tracking
    • Activity Counts
    • Muscle Movement (Surface EMG)


  • Physiological Function
    • Wearable ECG and QRS complex analysis
    • Hemodynamics (continuous blood pressure and cardiac output monitoring)
    • Continuous pulse plethysmograph (PPG)
    • Continuous Glucose Monitoring


Besides these physiological assessments, we can also conduct blood draws during the data collection without interrupting the data collection, which can enable more intricate investigation. Other assessments are also supported by the Clinical Research Service Unit.

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